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Motel Overview


The Highlander is a family-owned 44 unit motel in Arlington, Virginia.  Our history goes back to the early 1960's when William Bayne, Sr. with a number of close friends, purchased the motel, then known as the Scotsman.  The motel offers some of the most affordable rates in the Washington DC metro area.

Over the years, we have taken great strides to update the motel.  Most recently in 2008, we renovated all rooms to include new furniture, carpeting, beds, and in most rooms, a 32" LCD flat screen HD television. 

Working with a wireless networking specialist in December 2016, we have totally redone our wireless internet network to improve reception in all rooms.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality services at affordable rates is what makes the Highlander Motel the obvious choice to meet your needs.

We're conveniently located in Arlington, VA, about 15 minutes from Washington DC by Metro. All attractions are convenient by Metro and we are a 5 minute walk from the Virginia Square/GMU Metro station.

We offer the following:

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